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October 31, 2011

Procrastination – It’s Your Death

ProcrastinationSo I noticed that all the red flags I had amassed on my emails as I tried to clear things out for Halloween fun tonight. It seems I have prioritized myself into a corner. O.K., the reality is that I procrastinated myself into a corner. Frankly, I forgot to follow my own Zombie Zen advice.

So procrastination has been the death of me and now I will be risen from the dead and go back to practicing my Zombie Zen and clear out some of these red flags and get on the ball for creating new blogs, responding to emails, advancing projects, and well pretty much the other stuff I kept pushing off to get the quick hits that weren’t of enough value done.

Will you remember to do the Zombie Zen or just procrastinate to death?

Check out the image creators work.

September 28, 2011

New Dynamic Blogger Templates Pretty but Useless

Blogger Dynamic Templates
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I’d like to say that the music for the above presentations is pretty kick ass. The team that put it together did an excellent job designing the marketing presentation of the new dynamic templates for Google’s Blogger. The beauty of the presentation doesn’t eclipse the beauty of the new Blogger dynamic templates but it does neglect to mention that there’s not a whole lot you can do with it.

My Opinion

Concept = Success
Implementation = Fail

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September 22, 2011

F8 FaceBook Timeline Interesting Idea

Just a thought while watching FaceBooks F8 Live…

Aside from being incredibly sick of hearing the word timeline, I do have to grudgingly admit that it is an interesting concept.

I also think it’s a huge opportunity for a more detailed serendipitous visceral violation of privacy. I can already feel my boss, my ex, my parents, my whoever I wouldn’t want digging through my life fondly caressing these creamy nuggets of deliciousness. I can feel them lovingly violating those secrets I only wish a select appreciative few to know of to bask in my unadulterated stupidity. I can see the gears of their minds creating mechanization of automatons to plunder the booty of my life in ways I’ve never thought. They found that naughty bit of fun and turned it into a dirty bomb capable of sling mud a Grand Canyon distance. I hear them gathered in darkened rooms around bedeviled circles of power maliciously twisted chanting “It was on the timeline. It was on the timeline. It was on the timeline.” fading hauntingly into the public places of my life.

But it is an interesting, and true to FaceBook form, concept that seems to already planned to be poorly implemented in ways that the decision makers thinks is a good idea.

August 20, 2011

It’s Moving Day! – 42wd Publishing is Moving

Moving an old house - 42wd Publishing MovingIt’s moving day for 42wd Publishing. We’re moving into a transitional work space so that we can better leverage our collective resources and create time lines, focused strategies, SEO campaigns, social campaigns, data harvesting, vetting of several proofs of concepts, and so forth. In short, 42wd Publishing is moving from proofs of concepts to actual start up mode.

What is this 42wd Publishing you’re talking about? I don’t recall you talking about it before. Oh but I have. I’ll explain.

A lot of the concepts I’ve been talking about through out this blog are concepts that have been proofed in our metaphorical labs at 42wd Publishing.

I digress though. You probably would like to know what 42wd Publishing is first.

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August 16, 2011

Soft Dollar vs Hard Dollar – Hong Kong Phooey Style

ROII have this really totally spiffy radacool awesome idea, now all I need to do is get someone to buy into. Oh crap, they want to know what the ROI on it is. What do I tell them now?

Well do you know what the ROI [Return on Investment] is? Is there a real dollar ROI? Is it a hard dollar ROI? Soft dollar ROI? Do you know the difference between soft dollar and hard dollar?

If you can’t answer these questions never fear we’ll go after it Hong Kong Phooey style. Yah! Hah hoo! And a rinkey-dinkey doo to you!

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