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September 28, 2011

New Dynamic Blogger Templates Pretty but Useless

Blogger Dynamic Templates
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I’d like to say that the music for the above presentations is pretty kick ass. The team that put it together did an excellent job designing the marketing presentation of the new dynamic templates for Google’s Blogger. The beauty of the presentation doesn’t eclipse the beauty of the new Blogger dynamic templates but it does neglect to mention that there’s not a whole lot you can do with it.

My Opinion

Concept = Success
Implementation = Fail

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September 26, 2011

Search Google Plus – How You Can Use It

Search Google PlusBy now you’ve probably heard about Search for Google+. You’re also probably familiar with hashtagging. You’ve also most likely heard about the one-upmanship FaceBook has been attempting to keep pace with Google Plus features. You also are most likely painfully aware of the lack of business pages on Google+, currently my only real complaint about Google+.

What This All Means

FaceBook – suck it up and keep on using the crap they are pushing out to fast to try and keep up with Google+. Hopefully FaceBook will get it right and the people that are going to stay will benefit from the Google+ innovations that FaceBook is copying.

Lack of Google+ Pages – create profiles as real people and interact with your potential clients as people instead of just leads. I’ve interacted with people as just a normal person sharing conversational stuff as well as about 42wd Publishing. Until the business pages come this is the best we can do for now while staying within the Terms of Use.

Search for Google+ – love it and embrace it. I’ve been doing some of my own experiments with it and talked to others who have been experimenting with it as well. Here’s what I’ve come up with. Take it, use it, make it better and then share it with me and others.

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September 26, 2011

Zynga Games and Google Plus – My Crap Isn’t Your Crap

Zynga CityvilleGoogle+ just made the announcement, moments ago in my stream, about Zynga Cityville coming to Google Plus. This is great news for lovers of Cityville and bad news for haters of Cityville.

As many are aware, Zynga games are typically designed to appeal to addictive behavior partners; it’s part of their marketing strategy. Many obsessively plan Zynga’s games on Facebook, like Farmville, Cityville, Mafia Wars, and so forth. People love their casual gaming. They love it so much that I feel comfortable in repeating the statement that the largest portion of time spent on Facebook, by many people, is in casual gaming. This is such common knowledge that there’s really no need to cite a source. Google it if you doubt.

What is also a known side effect of casual gaming is tons of spam posts. As soon as the new folks that migrated over from Facebook to Google+ to avoid all the Facebook casual game span that litters their stream / wall saw this announcement they echoed a cry the early adopters almost stormed Castle de Google Plus with.

No casual game crap in the stream!

The Googlers listened to us Googlites and they have the casual game stream separate from the main stream. In other words, you never have to see casual game crap unless you choose to by clicking on the casual game stream. You have the power!

If you want more info on how your privacy works on Google+ check out the Google Plus privacy info and how configure yours here.

September 22, 2011

F8 FaceBook Timeline Interesting Idea

Just a thought while watching FaceBooks F8 Live…

Aside from being incredibly sick of hearing the word timeline, I do have to grudgingly admit that it is an interesting concept.

I also think it’s a huge opportunity for a more detailed serendipitous visceral violation of privacy. I can already feel my boss, my ex, my parents, my whoever I wouldn’t want digging through my life fondly caressing these creamy nuggets of deliciousness. I can feel them lovingly violating those secrets I only wish a select appreciative few to know of to bask in my unadulterated stupidity. I can see the gears of their minds creating mechanization of automatons to plunder the booty of my life in ways I’ve never thought. They found that naughty bit of fun and turned it into a dirty bomb capable of sling mud a Grand Canyon distance. I hear them gathered in darkened rooms around bedeviled circles of power maliciously twisted chanting “It was on the timeline. It was on the timeline. It was on the timeline.” fading hauntingly into the public places of my life.

But it is an interesting, and true to FaceBook form, concept that seems to already planned to be poorly implemented in ways that the decision makers thinks is a good idea.

September 19, 2011

Who Pays for Bad Design – Listening to the User

NewsDesigners bare a curse. It’s the curse of invisibility, well sort of. Most designers have to fight tooth and nail to get the resources they need. Then they are often relegated to obscurity. Until –

That is until there is a bad design. What defines a bad design can often be as ambiguous as what defines a good design. You can follow all the design principles you want and still end up with a bad design because the users don’t think it’s a good design. When it’s a bad design a designer hears all about it and the change to the design has to be near instantaneous.

The question, though, who really pays for bad design? Of course the designer gets flack for not magically knowing what should and shouldn’t be in the design, what it should and shouldn’t do, and so forth. The developer gets flack if the functionality doesn’t follow the design or breaks the design. The project leader / manager gets flack because they didn’t know the design was going to break. Well, you get the point. The things is, even with all the flack flying around these aren’t the people who are paying for the bad design. Users pay for bad design.

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