New Dynamic Blogger Templates Pretty but Useless

Blogger Dynamic Templates
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I’d like to say that the music for the above presentations is pretty kick ass. The team that put it together did an excellent job designing the marketing presentation of the new dynamic templates for Google’s Blogger. The beauty of the presentation doesn’t eclipse the beauty of the new Blogger dynamic templates but it does neglect to mention that there’s not a whole lot you can do with it.

My Opinion

Concept = Success
Implementation = Fail

Here’s Why

I really do think the concept for the dynamic Blogger templates is excellent. I love the presentation value, the pretty gliding, dynamic layout and just the overall feel of the presentation.

What I don’t like about the dynamic Blogger pages is the fact that if I use them I must absolutely look exactly like everyone else. I release that the old Blogger template pages also created a certain level of repetitiveness; but, not to the obvious extent of the dynamic templates. – I believe one Googlite referred to it as track house.

42wd Publishing requires that it have at least some semblance of uniqueness form the rest of the number of blogs on Blogger. I know many of the other businesses that use Blogger for their company blog are in the same shoes. The “old” static templates provide opportunity for this. The new dynamic Blogger templates do not.

Which brings me to the next bit, the new dynamic Blogger pages strip my ability for immediate calls to action. Sure, I love writing but the purpose isn’t just for me to write, it’s to obviously get my readers involved, to provide opportunities for engagement. That I could find, there is no opportunity to set this up. After all, doesn’t every business want to give the readers of its blog the opportunity to immediately and obviously click a single button to +1, follow, and or like?

So in short, the concept gives great artistic and presentational value but the implementation robs us of marketability, originality, distinctiveness and early screen engagement.

What’s your thoughts?


One Comment to “New Dynamic Blogger Templates Pretty but Useless”

  1. I also see it as robbing bloggers of the opportunity to market our friends (buttons) make money on ads (sidebar?) and where is the followers box? I think I lose too much control to risk making the switch.
    I hadn’t even thought about the sameness of it. You are absolutely right!

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