F8 FaceBook Timeline Interesting Idea

Just a thought while watching FaceBooks F8 Live…

Aside from being incredibly sick of hearing the word timeline, I do have to grudgingly admit that it is an interesting concept.

I also think it’s a huge opportunity for a more detailed serendipitous visceral violation of privacy. I can already feel my boss, my ex, my parents, my whoever I wouldn’t want digging through my life fondly caressing these creamy nuggets of deliciousness. I can feel them lovingly violating those secrets I only wish a select appreciative few to know of to bask in my unadulterated stupidity. I can see the gears of their minds creating mechanization of automatons to plunder the booty of my life in ways I’ve never thought. They found that naughty bit of fun and turned it into a dirty bomb capable of sling mud a Grand Canyon distance. I hear them gathered in darkened rooms around bedeviled circles of power maliciously twisted chanting “It was on the timeline. It was on the timeline. It was on the timeline.” fading hauntingly into the public places of my life.

But it is an interesting, and true to FaceBook form, concept that seems to already planned to be poorly implemented in ways that the decision makers thinks is a good idea.


4 Comments to “F8 FaceBook Timeline Interesting Idea”

  1. Just finished watching the live stream of f8. What’s next in Facebook is worth waiting for. Looks like fun.

  2. I had this idea 7 years ago and have been documenting it and implementing it into different concepts. I am in shock at how close this is to my original and now wonder if great minds just think alike or my stuff was leaked. Facebook is not known to innovate much so I am shocked to see this radical change. This is however a prime example of how little ideas matter if you don’t execute. I guess I will just sit here and cry. I never thought a rigid company as facebook would do something like this. I hope they choke on it. A bitter pill to swallow…

  3. Well I personally noticed similarities between Orkut, iGoogle, MySpace and Google+ in F8. I also noticed that there implementation lives up to FaceBook normal standards of deployment. That is to say they didn’t think it through and are just trying to wow people.

  4. I suggested this idea a year ago via facebook feedback. The idea was that people could interact with others in their past before even the web started. friendsreunited have a timeline already. Of course I have no way of knowing if my suggestion was taken up, they are all pretty bright over there at FB. I thought it would be great to meet others who were on that amazing safari in ’69 and who might even be on your photos etc etc…

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