I’ve always been about sharing knowledge. Plus, in the process of sharing knowledge I usually meet someone who knows more than me and is willing to share their knowledge. It is my firm belief that if you aren’t growing your knowledge then you aren’t living life. And, if you’re not living life then you might as well go ahead and carve out your tombstone, pull the turf over your head, and go gentle into that good night – if you plan on coming back don’t do it during the zombie apocalypse.

So why another blog among millions of blogs? Simple, because those people blogging aren’t me and I’m not them. The reality is that there is no one way to do anything; this especially holds true for designers. Designers don’t have rules, we’re rebels with a cause, we’re pirates sailing the high seas of presentation, we’re ninjas sneaking in usability, we’re samurai doing honorable battle against the closed boxes of pure functionality – o.k., enough twisted cliches.

Simply put, we put a lot a work into making stuffs pretty and we need to constantly learn. It is my hope that this blog will provide you the opportunity to learn from me and me the opportunity to learn from you.

Mini Bio:

I haven’t always been in the design business, and that’s a good thing. Back before there was an IT industry I was “volunteered” to learn software, hardware, and networking by good ole Uncle Sam; 16th Combat Engineers 3rd ID. In fact, I subscribed to the whole “you can’t make a living being artistic” train of thought back when I was a kid. I originally wanted to be a lawyer or a male nurse. I know, really radical difference from a designer; but, the knowledge and skills I gained actually come, even to this day.

Well when I got out of the service I got a really rude reality check. I was to poor to get the education to be a lawyer and due to military injuries I was no longer able to stay on my feet the amount of time nurses do. [If you’re a nurse reading this I applaud you. If you know some one that is a nurse go give them a hug/handshake for the effort they put in.] So I was left trying to decide what I was going to do since the skills I got in the military weren’t obviously translatable [though looking back they are now]. After all, there’s not really a big market for some one who is skilled at blowing things up, a medical person who can’t stay on his feet for long periods of time [did the medic training during my service] or a person with computer knowledge for an industry that didn’t yet exist. Or did it?

By the time I’d put things in order I realized I had started my own company. I originally started catering to a very small but lucrative niche market, in house desktop support. Here were all these rich people and companies who had these “new fangled devices” and no idea how to support them. While I was doing this the Internet gained momentum and I was asked to build a website.

Didn’t know a single thing about building websites at the time but I follow the contractor’s creedo, “Never say no; even if you have to subcontract out the job.” So, I hunkered down and started using the Internet to learn about these web page things. Little did I know, at the time, it would open the world back up to my artistic nature and that I could make a living on it.

Skip ahead through the struggling that all contractors go through and I eventually start landing clients like MTV, Stride, Xfire, DIY, HGTV, FoodNetwork, Recellular, the Detroit Zoo, Knoxville Zoo and even co-owned an FPS [First Person Shooter] gamers’ eZine called EGLN. Can’t forget working as an eLearning developer as well for i3Logic. And what am I doing now? I’m working with Title Source and Quicken Loans.

So aside from me bragging what does all of this mean? Lot’s of different types of design experience in a multitude of businesses all with the opportunity for me to share my knowledge and for me to learn from those who know more than me and then pass that knowledge on to other designers, and anyone else that wants to learn it.


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