Enough is Enough – Rant About Ignorant Marketing

Enough is EnoughFrankly I’m getting tired of seeing ignorant marketers slamming the success of G+ and the touting its eminent demise. I call them ignorant because they are evaluating based primarily on two factors.

The first factor

…is a data comparison between Google+ and FaceBook. Sometimes they show real data and sometimes it anecdotal. Either way the comparison is based on current FB data and current G+ data. This may seem O.K. but in fact it is erroneous. If a true comparison is to be made then these so called marketing experts should be comparing age based data. Not age of the people using them but the age of services. If an age data comparison is made I would think these experts would change their rather vocal ignorant arguments.

In these data comparisons the ignorant marketing experts cite the failures of previous Google social network services. I think we can fairly say that Buzz and Wave were not the success Google may have hoped for. Then again, for all we know Google could of been using them as test beds to determine reactions, UI, UX, and many other things involved in building a social platform. Oops, did I say platform instead of network? But I digress, getting back to successful service data comparison.

I won’t get to detailed on this because Google+ has been constantly rolling out successful enhancements to the platform while FaceBook has had continual failures on it’s network, failures so large they’ve even made it into the news. I’ll conceed that Google has had to fix bugs along the way but none have caused the level of outrage that Facebook bugs, labeled improvements by FB, have caused.

The second factor

…is that they are comparing two networks. FaceBook is indeed a social network but Google+ is not. Google+ is a social platform. There is a huge difference between a network and a platform.

On a network you are directly limited with closed garden tools available to you.

On a platform, while you are limited by the tools available, you are not limited to the garden.

For example 42wd Publishing LLC utilizes Google Reader and Google News feeds to stay informed on news related to our industry. We use Blogger as our blogging platform and to stay informed. We are using Google Sites for an internal wiki for different projects and experiments. We use Google Voice for communications, Google Hangouts for information sharing internally and externally, and Google Chat to communicate across the world with clients, members and volunteers. And, of course Google+ Pages and regular Google+.

All of this is what makes up Google+ as a platform versus the basic network that FaceBook is.

Evaluating Google+ as a social network instead of the social platform that it is simply shows blind ignorance. If you are one of those marketers that intends to continue to tout the doom of Google+ I ask that you do it on viable data instead of the manipulated data you have been using to date.


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