Zynga Games and Google Plus – My Crap Isn’t Your Crap

Zynga CityvilleGoogle+ just made the announcement, moments ago in my stream, about Zynga Cityville coming to Google Plus. This is great news for lovers of Cityville and bad news for haters of Cityville.

As many are aware, Zynga games are typically designed to appeal to addictive behavior partners; it’s part of their marketing strategy. Many obsessively plan Zynga’s games on Facebook, like Farmville, Cityville, Mafia Wars, and so forth. People love their casual gaming. They love it so much that I feel comfortable in repeating the statement that the largest portion of time spent on Facebook, by many people, is in casual gaming. This is such common knowledge that there’s really no need to cite a source. Google it if you doubt.

What is also a known side effect of casual gaming is tons of spam posts. As soon as the new folks that migrated over from Facebook to Google+ to avoid all the Facebook casual game span that litters their stream / wall saw this announcement they echoed a cry the early adopters almost stormed Castle de Google Plus with.

No casual game crap in the stream!

The Googlers listened to us Googlites and they have the casual game stream separate from the main stream. In other words, you never have to see casual game crap unless you choose to by clicking on the casual game stream. You have the power!

If you want more info on how your privacy works on Google+ check out the Google Plus privacy info and how configure yours here.


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