Zombie Zen – The Secret to Success

Zombies Do It RightSlobbering, drooling, shambling, mostly dead, single minded purposes – no, I’m not talking about your last date. I’m talking about zombies. These unthinking creatures of inspiration know what they’re doing. Zombies do it right.

Sounds silly, or disgusting if you’re a zombie hater [don’t hate the zombie hate the brains], but zombies really do have it straight – and this is why.

A zombie is a single purposed machine with the ability to recruit more single purposed machines [more zombies] to achieve the goal of eating your brains and turning you into a single purposed machine capable of – well you get the idea. So why do you have to eat brains to be a single purposed machine? You don’t, unless you’re a zombie.

No, I’m not saying that you should stop multitasking. Not saying that you should limit yourself to only one skill set. I’m not telling you to limit yourself at all, except I am.

I’m telling you to learn Zombie Zen, Z squared, double Z, Z + 3 – 1…you get the point.

Think about it, Zombies are so zen they can find brains miles and miles away. They’re so zen that when brains are near they change from lumbering mounds of flesh to single purpose machines that are unstoppable, well except for decapitation. Decapitation is the ultimate solution.

By now you may be a little confused so I’ll come at it form another angle.

Usually you have 50 things to do at one time and can’t seem to get any of them done because you’re trying to do them all at once. You feel you have to get them done all at once because everyone of them is important. Well they may very well all be important but they don’t all have to be done at the same time. So how do you actually get them done all at once?

Circle SegmentsYou don’t. You get them done in segments.

My personal preference is to use a circle segment model to break down the various tasks and projects I’ve got to work on. This model assumes that you’ve already prioritized your tasks so that you know which ones are really the real urgent task/project and which ones are just people saying they are urgent.

The idea is that you place yourself at the center [that’s the zen part] and set up time/effort circle segments around you. You use the inner circle segments for the quick hits for the things you can knock out really fast. You move out in concentric circle segments. If you identify parts of different segments that overlap then you can combine the efforts to complete those segments.

Once you have this mapped out [I know it seems like a lot of work but once you get used to using this model you can get it done quicker.] then you can get all zombie on it. Turn into that single purpose machine and rip through those circle segments.

This is my method for ripping through task/project overload. Do you have a different one?


2 Responses to “Zombie Zen – The Secret to Success”

  1. One word…Genius…with the advent of multi-tasking, we tend to lose focus and can forget how to prioritze and get it all done. Thanks for the article, Doc!


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