It’s Moving Day! – 42wd Publishing is Moving

Moving an old house - 42wd Publishing MovingIt’s moving day for 42wd Publishing. We’re moving into a transitional work space so that we can better leverage our collective resources and create time lines, focused strategies, SEO campaigns, social campaigns, data harvesting, vetting of several proofs of concepts, and so forth. In short, 42wd Publishing is moving from proofs of concepts to actual start up mode.

What is this 42wd Publishing you’re talking about? I don’t recall you talking about it before. Oh but I have. I’ll explain.

A lot of the concepts I’ve been talking about through out this blog are concepts that have been proofed in our metaphorical labs at 42wd Publishing.

I digress though. You probably would like to know what 42wd Publishing is first.

What the Hell is 42wd Publishing?

In short, the Gump version, 42wd Publishing is a technology driven ePublishing company. The difference between us and traditional brick and mortar publishing companies is that we’re not trying to get into the digital world, we’re already there. The 42wd Publishing team is made up of editors who didn’t like the way the old publishing companies handled traditional print and really frown on the way they are handling ePublishing. The 42wd Publishing team is made up of technology driven designers and developers who have put aside the old differences of the two skill sets and are working cooperatively. Most importantly, the 42wd Publishing is made up of authors who have experienced the traditional publication system.

42wd Publishing is putting together a whole new system for publishing. We are focusing on ePublishing and doing it the right way, well we think it’s the right way. Once our selection system is in place we will not be the ones to deny you. In fact, during the initial selection process of ePublications and publications we will not be directly involved. 42wd Publishing will be implementing a community sourcing system that will decide who we publish and who we don’t. This system will allow our editors to focus on doing what they do best, take good works and turning them into great works. Our editors won’t be forced to decide between recommending crap that’s going to make hordes of money at the cost of quality work or feeding their families. With the 42wd Publishing community sourcing method the people will already have decided.

42wd Publishing CS2 [Community Sourcing System] will be technology driven by designers and developers. The system will employ methods that will allow readers to leverage their opinions, content creators to leverage tools they didn’t have before to have a fighting chance to be published, and will facilitate a more true deliverance of quality, community desired epublications, ebooks, digital media and traditional publications. The 42wd Publishing CS2 will be combining the experiences of our team as well as industry information to change the way things are done in the publishing and ePublishing world; we think for the better.

Soon 42wd Publishing will be deploying it’s social media so you will be able to read about what is going on there. That being said, I’ll be publishing here with a different bent on things. I, of course, recommend you read them all!

Why is the Move Important to 42wd Publishing?

The move is important to 42wd Publishing because it allows us to start consolidating. Think of it as 42wd Publishing HQ. We’ll be sending out our army of minions to quietly start usurping the power of the old guard publishing. O.K., so we don’t have an army of minions and if we did they probably wouldn’t be all ninja like. In fact, we sort of pride ourselves on how well we can be seen and heard. Having a central base of operations will help 42wd Publishing acceleration our time line of operations though. What this means for you is lots more spiffy posts from me using 42wd Publishing experiences and an opportunity to see a very public start up.

Stay tuned, exciting times are here.


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