Search Google Plus – How You Can Use It

Search Google PlusBy now you’ve probably heard about Search for Google+. You’re also probably familiar with hashtagging. You’ve also most likely heard about the one-upmanship FaceBook has been attempting to keep pace with Google Plus features. You also are most likely painfully aware of the lack of business pages on Google+, currently my only real complaint about Google+.

What This All Means

FaceBook – suck it up and keep on using the crap they are pushing out to fast to try and keep up with Google+. Hopefully FaceBook will get it right and the people that are going to stay will benefit from the Google+ innovations that FaceBook is copying.

Lack of Google+ Pages – create profiles as real people and interact with your potential clients as people instead of just leads. I’ve interacted with people as just a normal person sharing conversational stuff as well as about 42wd Publishing. Until the business pages come this is the best we can do for now while staying within the Terms of Use.

Search for Google+ – love it and embrace it. I’ve been doing some of my own experiments with it and talked to others who have been experimenting with it as well. Here’s what I’ve come up with. Take it, use it, make it better and then share it with me and others.

Hashtag – It Works [Sort of]

Hashtagging works in Google+ search – sort of. Truth be told the #hashtag is stripped out of the search. I leave it on there because it just looks better than having some random string of letters.

Example: #protips vs protips

The hashtag just looks better.

Organizing Hashtags for Google+ Search
I’ve started a list of hashtags I’m going to be using for specific things and one for commonly used hashtags.



Keywords for Google+
Just like in regular Google search keywords in Google+ search have relevance to the search. I haven’t figure out yet if frequency matters. What does seem to matter is Google+ Circles. I noticed that people that were in my circles showed up above random people on Google+. Makes since, since their content is important to me. Leverage this circle relevance and combine it with keywords to reach the most people.

I know this is down and dirty but I wanted to share something with you guys that would be useful and not just conjecture. When I get more figured out I’ll share it with you. If you’ve got more pieces to the puzzle feel free to add to what I have here.


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