Sketchbook Pro for Android – Tablet

Sketchbook Pro for Android - TabletAutodesk is at it again. If you’re like me, you sketch all over the place. I was using Autodesk’s Sketchbook Mobile. This version is designed to work on smartphones and not tablets; so of course I had challenges. Now there is Sketchbook Pro for the Android Tablets and so far it seems to integrate well with the desktop version as well as with Photoshop. To the bottom is a quick 30 second sketch to test just how good it worked with a stylus so I’d know if I should kick it back to the market.

Lots to learn with this new version. I’m actually pretty excited about it. Going to play with the Sketchbook Pro trail for the PC and see just how art like these programs combined together really are.

My two biggest complaints is the inability to change canvas size and to make groups. Haven gotten used to grouping in Photoshop I pretty much expect it in Sketchbook. We’ll see if it comes out in an update.

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3 Comments to “Sketchbook Pro for Android – Tablet”

  1. I wish you awesome artistic times on it for Android. I have been toying with it on my iPad and needless to say it is awesome. I was intending to write an article about the iPad and it’s new place in the digital creation process.

    By the way, wha stylus do you use?

    • I prefer the Targus stylus. I adopted it from my experiences with an iPad. Tested it across multiple tablets and found it to provide the best over all performance.

  2. The Targus stylus for iPad really do work just fine with other kinds of Android tablets though ?

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