3 Dangerous Tips of Success

Dangerous life of responsibility or a safe life of justification? Which person are you? Are one of those people who play it safe or do you live dangerously?

I’m not talking about the jumping off cliffs and out of airplanes or even poking an angry bear trying to steal your picnic. No, I’m talking about being a person who sit’s in the corner of meetings, keeps their head down below cube level, gets twitchy every time the printer starts printing a report that you just know you’re going to have to process. Are you that person? Well or you?

…or do you live dangerously?

You can either blend in to the office wood work or you can be an innovator.

Dangerous 1 – I’ve got the Answers

If some one asks you a question do you give them the absolute smallest amount of info you think you can get by with try to actually take responsibility for an answer that just might be wrong? Or, do you answer them with the confidence of some one who has the answers, and if you don’t have the answers you’ll go get them.

Living Dangerous 2 – I’ll Do That

Someone is looking for a volunteer to get some project done that’s been floating around since before Fred Flintstone that the company inherited from the previous owners, the dinosaurs. Do you pull a George Costanza and hide under your desk? Or, do you grab a hold of this project and make a plan that isn’t just larger than life but that can actually get done in half the time and half the cost they originally thought with double the service return?

Living Dangerous 3 – I Got It Done

Short and simple, you said you’d do it and you did it. You didn’t start out by planning ways to cover your butt in case you failed. You made a plan, you followed through, if it didn’t work you took responsibility, you modified and moved on to making it work.

No, taking this line of action isn’t going to help you fit in. In fact, it will make you stand out. It will ruffle feathers. It will cause envy and jealousy and all those other not nice words; but, only in the people that don’t matter. Because you’re not the one that fits in you will be the one that people seek out because you’ve built a reputation of dangerous action and not office safety; as relates to getting projects done.


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