4 Design Tips from a Bounty Hunter

You find find design tips in the strangest places.

When I was first starting out as a designer I took anything I could get just so I could get some experience under my belt; but all to often, the jobs were far and few between so I took whatever temporary work I could find to pay the bills and would allow me to keep looking for design projects. One of these “paying the bills jobs” was working graveyard at a gas station. There I met a bounty hunter, and ended up designing his website.

These are the design tips he shared with me [they work as words of wisdom for most any profession actually].

Tip 1 – Be Unique

The bounty hunter made a very quick and pointed point, as good as you are there’s some one better and at least a hundred more as good as you. You have to find something that you’re very good at and be better and keep getting better.

Tip 2 – Create a Brand

After his unique point the bounty hunter followed it up with creating a brand. He very accurately pointed out that branding is just for big businesses. He said once I found something that I was very good at that I should turn it into a brand. Something that I would be known for.

Tip 3 – Stand Out

The bounty hunter related to me a story of this criminal that he had been trying to capture. He told me how he would help some people and others he would intimidate. He he didn’t actually hide from the police but that no one would say where he was because they either feared him or loved him. He pointed out that the reason they feared or loved this criminal was because he stood out. He essentially created a brand for himself, a sort of modern day Robin Hood [or perhaps Robin’ the Hood].

So should you be a criminal and give money to the poor and terrorize others? Obviously no, but you should combine that thing you’re unique at and turned into a brand and use it to stand out.

Tip 4 – Always Charge for What You’re Good At

The bounty hunter followed all of this with some parting words, always charge for what you’re good at. It’s O.K. for you to give away services to bring in clients but charge for that unique thing you created a brand for and makes you stand out.

So what unique thing did you create a brand for that makes you stand out?


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