In the Beginning

In the BeggingingChanging the World
Issue 2

In the beginning there was this idea. It grew to be infectious. It spread from you to the next person. It was an opportunity to change the whole world. The established corporations invented an antivirus for it. Your idea died and so did a part of you.

Let’s face it, the reality is that you alone can’t change the entire world in one shot. What you can do is change your part of the world so that other people can build off of your change and then change their part of the world until the change becomes global.

Start small and grow.

You may have the greatest design in the world for a product that will change the world; but, it’s not going to happen. You, and your development team, are very small fish in the corporate world of products. These guys, and gals, aren’t just sharks, they’re like the bad giant monster shark movies you see on SyFy. You just can’t stop them, at least not until you graduate into the big fish pond.

Continuing the fish metaphor, The giant shark corporations have hundreds, maybe thousands, of staff to market a design, legally defend it, produce it and so forth. Unless you’re lucky enough to have bottomless pockets, I know I’m devoid of that gift, to pull money from you can’t compete with them. There is an upside for your design though and you being small.

If you’re small you can take the time to talk to the other little fish, the little fish who’s world you’re going to change. Sure you have your idea but is the design perfected for these small fish, the small fish that are going to be so important to you?

As you go through this series keep in mind, that changing your part of the world doesn’t always mean starting up a business, it can also mean changing the local world of your team, your business, and so forth.

Here’s a quick list for starting out:

  1. Come up with your idea
    • Make sure it’s a real idea you can work with and not a great idea you can’t manage.
  2. Make sure your idea is one that can be used
    • If you’re idea can’t be used then you’re wasting your time.
  3. Talk to the people that are going to be using your idea
    • You may think you know what they want but only they know what they really want.
    • Even if finding out what they want is like pulling teeth from a honey badger you still need to do it.
  4. Check out the technology involved
    • Picking the wrong technology to make your design work can kill it before it gets started.
  5. Put together a good team
    • Sure, you might be able to do it all but you shouldn’t.
    • A team with people who have greater experience in specific areas than you will help you be as innovative as possible.
  6. Get buy in
    • By getting people to buy into your idea early the unneeded challenge to face will be reduced.
    • If you can get strong enough buy in you may be able to get help from places you hadn’t thought of.
  7. Come up with a plan
    • Doesn’t have to be the right plan to start out with.
    • Your plan should be flexible and adaptable.

This list help you get started with that world changing design idea. Remember to start small and grow, be realistic, and unless you’ve got the money to face off with the corporate sharks stay away from direct confrontation with them.


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