So You Want to Change the World

Change the WorldChanging the World
Issue 1

You’re a designer of noble mind and high ideas. You’re not going to sell out to the corporate driven machine of profiteering mindless drones. Nope, you’re going to change the world!

Well I say do it. Change the world. Come up with some great design that will be turned into some great product that will change people’s, at least some people’s, lives! Sure, there’s a certain amount of cynicism in this statement [no true world changer is without it] but I am very serious about changing the world.

What I propose is realistic world changing.

The reality is that no single human can waive his/her hand and change the whole world. What you can do is change a part of it that will allow other people to change other parts of the world.

Seth Godin writes a very good blog about selling nuts to squirrels. He addresses changing worldview unless you are trying to change worldview about a brand. He sites Starbucks and FaceBook as examples.

I agree with him for the most part. Where our views differ is that I believe you should start out not trying to change worldview with the intent to change your part of the world you are in. You may never change worldview, and that’s fine, but you can use worldview and change your part of the world.

I bring up worldview, and Seth’s blog about it, because a lot of designers mistakenly try to change world view instead of changing their part of the world. To use a Quicken term, here’s the Gump [simplified] version of the difference.

Changing worldview means you are changing the way people look at things. Changing the world is just that, changing the world. It could be something as simple as inventing and easier orange juicer. You’re not trying to change what people think about orange juice, their worldview, you’re changing how they do something, their world.

So my recommendation to you is to hold on to your drive to change the world, make sure that you’re changing the world and not worldview, and be realistic about it.

Stay tuned as I continue this series.


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