It’s Not All Black and White

As designers we all know that the right color in the right amount will have the right effect/affect. So what happens when the colors we are forced to use (despite all our begging and pleading to use another color scheme or to just enhance the present one) is probably the worst choice on the planet for a particular project?

Of course I exaggerate about being the worst choice on the planet; but still, what do you do if you are limited in the colors you can use and there is no alternative?

It’s simple, use them. Ya, I know it sucks. Ya, I know you’ll be gritting your teeth while you do it; but, wait for it, [Are you waiting?] you’re a designer so make it work. Any designer worth his/her salt can make anything look good. Notice I said good, not great.

Sometimes good is good enough. You can’t make a master piece every single time. You can’t bath the witness to your masterful work of religious experience that people will make pilgrimages to in order to pay homage to the divinity you have set before them every single time.

What you can do is consider going black and white and using the un-preferred [at least by you] colors as accents. Sometimes main color palettes can be used as accents instead large space acquisitions. Instead of using a positive space design try a negative space design. Remember that typography and negative space can be very powerful emoters in creating stick-ability; or at the very least enough interest to lure the viewer in to try to hook them with content.

Yes, sometimes good is good enough. Can you see the good design in the poor choice of colors?


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