Stop Everything Now!

So you’ve just been busting your butt on a project, herded all those cats, got the “I like it” from the “I’ll know it when I see it” people, get the devs on board, got whoever of the powers that be to sign off on the project and you’re ready to get down to some serious design work and then all of a sudden the project comes to a screeching, gut punching, project neutering halt. You hang your head in resignation at the loss of all that momentum. What’s worse is that it’s all because of a technicality.

But have you really lost your momentum or are you just giving up? Is the project actually dead or is it only stalled? If you surrender your control it will die. Nothing worse than a project dying because you didn’t play the good Sherpa and guide “them” back onto the right path to get the project to the top of the mountain. Sure, it’s a pain in the places you don’t enjoy pain and you’re going to have to probably do some schmoozing; but in the end, it’ll be worth it to get that glorious project to the peek and watch the sun rise on it and let all those below [especially those who didn’t realize they needed the project to begin with] bask in its reflective glow.

Remember, part of being a designer is being a guide as well. Are you a good guide?


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