What is a designer?

Unless you’re a specialised designer chances are that you wear many hats. Those chances get even higher if you’re the only designer in your team, or even your company; at this point could probably open a hat store. Gone are the days when you could just be a web designer, graphic designer, marketing designer, well you get the idea. In todays world you have to be versed in at least some part of all roles you touch.

Here’s a small list of the different areas I have to work with each day:

  • Graphics
  • Web
  • Dev WPF
  • Dev XAML
  • Marketing
  • BI
  • Sales
  • Client Advocacy
  • CMS [Content Mangement Systems]
  • SEO [Search Engine Optimization]
  • Print

– and the list goes on.

Let’s face it, as a designer you will perform many roles all with the end result of something that is highly functionaly, meets the end users needs, meets the business needs, meets the needs of each individual stake holder and all wrapped in a nice pretty little package that took less time to design than to get all the input needed to produce it.

Designers are missunderstood because unlike in the development world there are tools to use but know hard and fast rules. Think about it, the “rules” designers follow aren’t rules they are guidelines, best practices, and philosophies. One designer can only look at another designer’s work and make a best guess at how it was done. A developer can look at another developer’s work and know which rules they followed and why.

Designing is an art and in this blog I hope to give various tips, tricks, and observations that will help you refine your art. Some posts will be long and some will be quick jaunts into a thought. All are intended to get you thinking. I encourage you to share with me and other readers any experiences that you may of had on a given topic. I hope to learn from you as much as I hope to teach.

What roles do you fill as a designer?


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